Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Alternative Stats (updated - final)

An EPL WC Stats of goals from current and ex players of the "top 4" of the premier league.

  • Man United 12 (park, heinze, forlan5, hernandez2, ronaldo, tevez2)
  • Chelsea 7.5 (drogba, tiago2, malouda, kalou, lampard**, robben2)
  • Liverpool 4 (gerard, agger*, kuyt, jovanovic)
  • Arsenal 3 (bendtner, van persie, van Bronckhorst )
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*own goal
** disallowed but fucken obvious goal
(current player, ex-player, future player)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who is Robert again?

Robert Tay Chun Leng (Spring Dragon)
Co-founder of Korvac, lawyer by training, calculative and a little tightass by nature, generous and loyal by nurture, a great cook, son of the late Tay Eng Soon (one of Singapore's pioneer ministers, a brilliant man), son of Mrs Rosalind Tay (who once convinced Lee Kuan Yew's government to move a quarry and realign a highway so a bird watching forest area will not be harmed. Can be found swimming long distance in Western Australia), husband of Yeoh Pei Shan (one of the nicest person on earth), father of Marcus Tay and Emma Tay... a good friend.

Word - Singe

Edited from email exchanges.
me: I've singed the document.
someone: presumably it is "signed" and not "singed".

me: Though I'm singing more than sighing after signing it.
someone else: "Singed" is "To burn off the feathers or bristles of (a carcass of a bird
or animal) by subjecting briefly to flame."

Nothing to do with singing !!! And I am the one with bad spelling.

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 - alternative stats

An EPL WC Stats of goals from current and ex players of the "top 4" of the premier league.

Man United 4 (park, heinze, forlan2)
Liverpool 3 (gerard, agger, kuyt)
Chelsea 0
Arsenal 0

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A: ” Come home quick, baby..”
D: Okay, I ‘ll try and come home tomorrow
A:O Tomorrow? No, Thursday and anytime after, that’s better :D “
D: -_-

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wrold Cup 2010 - "My" teams

Team that should go far (let's see how expectations meet results) - Spain

My pick to win the cup - Argentina

Team that my heart cheers for - Cote d'Ivoire
They are called "The Elephants", and they fight for their country's unity.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 Not Tweeted
A:  I think the patter is, for 3 weeks you are inundated with love from me, then 1 week I PMS and hate the world.
 D:  wah... mood also plan ah?
By ajatheeagle
"Drink some more "Eh it;s not the alcohol okay? "i'm not A, you;re A" -_-
By pinkybots:
A:Wanna shower&sleep. D: Y can't sleep den shower?Skat ah? A:U can den sleep on couch! D: SHE BULLY ME!  "THE REAL #ADConvo"
By ajatheeagle:
Q: Shall we coordinate (dress) today? A: @pinkybots surely vomit blood one... let;s do it!
By pinkybots:
Q: Do I look fat? A(in the head): F#@K!! S#*T!! F#@K!!!!! SO FAST GOT TRICK QUESTION!!!!!! A: Oh look! Blue skies! - THE REAL #ADConvo
By __dC___:
A: "You are hot".. D: "I know.. but u r hotter" A: "Obviously"

Words - man-o-pause and de-macho-ing

man-o-pause (the male version of )

de-macho-ing (when "lovely boy" and "sweet" are the frequent descriptions)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Q:Are you going to pluck the grey hairs out of my goatee? A:No, it helps my fantasy of doing it with an old man

    Q : besides Bari, what else are you doing tonight?, A: you

    Aja the English perfecto "have you ready for ______?"

    Here.. I bought cigg for you.. It's bad for heath

    salad stuff getting and home following

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

100603 dbl std

double standards - that's just the way it is. Fairness is NEVER the name of the game , just a fucken sales pitch
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Green - the colour often associated with the environment, trees, plants, leaves, grass, freshness, naïveté, "grass", religion/Islam, activism etc.. it's also my mother's favourite colour.

Last night was a rare night.
A last-minute change of plans resulted in an order-in (Nando's !!!) + DVD night.

"Leaves of Grass" was picked for one reason - Ed Norton.
It turned out to be a combo of comedy, great acting and suprisingly thought provoking (violent at times) themes - brotherhood, small town vs big city family issues, drugs and trade, and Christians vs Jews, set in Oklahoma (red neck country).

Good entertainment overall.

I decided to research further.
Tim Blake Nelson, the writer/director of the film, who acted as one of the Ed Norton twins' best friend, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and of Jewish descent. His mother was a local activist.... explains a few things about some of the themes.

For me, the strange thing is - during the time when we watched the film, a fleet of boats of humanitarian activists were under attack by Israelis navy out at sea on international waters, while attempting to deliver aids to Gaza.

check out #flotilla on twitter

One of those things that causes my brain to spin a little.
Naïveté, religion/Islam, activism...
Violence, disregards for human rights, assholes..
Everyone should have more "grass".


100601 tweet

if you are so goddam free, go start some real shit... we don't need to smell your useless crap

100601 Good News..

Good news bring bad dreams..
Overjoyed has no present..
Nightmares have no future..
Overnights, joyful mares, past
The beautiful now is the blast
We drink in glass and graze with lust
The beautiful now has to last.

Bad news don't bring good dreams..
Dreams are just dreams..
News are old.. old but not cold.. Stale
Kill, glorify.. keep the flow, don't lake the tales
Last is a fucked up word.. eternity with ends
But we are of no tails.. plenty last but no end..

Good news, whatever dreams, one-way train.

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bemused and amused . . dunno wtf got dragged in through the door ... edgy and slightly pissed.. but can't figure out with what/whom...