Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Daniel Day Lewis as an Italian and singing? hmmm
well, he is in the "can do no wrong" category, i suppose..

All the female leads were HOT! and carried out the singing/dancing well...
Judy Dench was amazing =]
Sophia Loren... well.. she's an icon... fast becoming a statue though... still a legend.

My best bits were the way the flashback scenes were treated... excellent!!


A: time...
D: i try talking to "those 3" again about a 36-hour day, k?
A: those 3?
D: father, son and holy ghost
A: oh
D: am i barking up the wrong t(h)ree?


Definition: an image of the way of life of triads-wannabe
Origin : Penang (tu-kao)

Pigdog (noun)
Synonyms: Ah Bengs (Singapore), Terres (Aussie)

100324 Yours? Mine?

All these bounds we hold, camps we take, rules we have, lines we draw, stands we take, fences we build...

then? killed by a fishbone.. or grow old and die?

Fuck'em =]

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All Shakes and No Spears

1) a self-proclaimed writer who is fucken useless
2) a professional wanker

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still burning..

The otherside of mid 30s.. Real fun begins.. Road of Paradision...
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland..

White queen.... will buy drugs from her, for sure...

Excellent... as usual... early Oscar contender? hahahaha

Love the red queen actually... same problems with off the rack hats, perhaps =]
BUT... my favourite moment is this -PIG!!! hahahahaha.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

76 steps...


a 3rd gear crash? a 3rd gear stall?.. Has 3rd gear ever seen so much action.. So much attention?

Weird is good.. Weird is alternative... Weird is our common speciality

76 familiar steps.. 76 steps and no crash..
It was a nite of progress, 76 steps of hope..
It was a dark nite of confess, at least we can stop backing up slopes.

We r never sure of much.. But love is not about muchness..
No such thing as too much or too good.. for Love is matchless..
If you walk with this arrogant self proclaimed prophet.. sway the stands, rules bent, steps in wilderness..
You shall see we're not quixotic.. You shall see perfect weirdness

We've always walked on holes.. We've never liked them whole..
We cruise with muchness, fuck them rules of sadness..
Distractors and also rans.. Maybe a few eager fans..
Hey! we are only humans.. but this time, we've made our stand known..

This is not.a persuit race.. There's no lead nor chase
It's just an invitation to, an expedition .
....for a journey of paradision

7 minutes.. 76 steps... forever...

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar fever...

Everyone's either rooting for Avatar or The Hurt Locker...

Of course... saying how Christophe Waltz and Quentin will surely win for Best supporting actor and Screenplay respectively ... YEAH!!!

But the film i'm rooting for the most this year?.. UP!
Well... Fat Kid, Funny Dogs, Travel by balloons... what's there not to like??

erhem... ok... it was the only film that choked me up, ok?? (the first 20mins)... damn u, pixar!!
UP you, i mean UP for Oscars!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

100304 like..

"Like air for death of BEd" is not quite the same as "like water for chocolate", is it?
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100304 0657h

Wide awake.. Don't need to be.... Feeling the weight of them lids but some buzz prevails.. Wat is it for?..

Oh well, hello sunrise :)
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